Stone Trees

Many trees familiar to Stone are still with us, and provide a living link to his world. We can start with this huge oak (I saw it in winter, so didn’t have much to go on as to species) next to Stock Grange, where Stone spent many youthful summers (on all photos, you can click to enlarge):

Stock Grange

Not far from Stock Grange, in the Doe Run Presbyterian Cemetery, a huge White Oak stands near the graves of many of Stone’s Stock Grange ancestors, including his naturalist great-aunt Mary Steele:


Here’s a massive old oak in Wister Woods, where Stone and the Brown brothers spent much of their time while roaming the wide-open spaces around their Germantown homes:

Wister Oak II

After moving to Southwest Philadelphia, Stone lived on Regent Street, a half block from Clark Park. He must have walked past these oaks any number of times:

Clark oak 1clark oak 2

Stone lived for many years a block away from Black Oak Park (now Malcolm X Park) in West Philadelphia, and no doubt searched for birds in the branches of some of the huge old specimens there today (a Sweet Gum and an oak shown here):

BOP sweet gumBOP oak

These two Sycamores are still shading the house at 909 Queen Street in Cape May, just as they did while Stone sat on the porch listening to the birds singing during his Cape May summer vacations:


At Stone’s “Germantown Under the Jinkgo Tree” house on Church Lane, where he lived the last 17 years of his life, the two huge Ginkgos still tower over the roof:


This lovely Sycamore grows next to Stone’s grave in Laurel Hill Cemetery:




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