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Welcome to the Witmer Stone blog

SIA-SIA2013-08286ed“The history of ornithologists is quite often as interesting as the history of ornithology, especially when it descends from the stilted formality, so characteristic of history, and gives us pictures of real life, full of humorous anecdotes and good-natured fun.”  – Witmer Stone


Witmer Stone: The Fascination of Nature is the long-overdue biography of a criminally neglected naturalist and author of two enduring classics of New Jersey natural history literature. My hope is that the book will put a spotlight on Stone, and get his story out there for interested readers who want to learn more about his life and get insights into his personality.

This blog will complement the book, and can be thought of as an extension of it. Unlike most blogs, it won’t focus on the author – it will instead explore and expand on some of the storylines and people mentioned only briefly in the book, and will feature some of the places connected to Stone’s life. I hope you’ll check back often and share in  the excursions we’ll be taking down the interesting little side streets and byways of the Witmer Stone story.